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Teresa was born with the original name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Üskübdi country now called the Republic of Kosovo. . His father was a successful merchant. Her parents had three children, and Agnes was the youngest. His parents Nikollë (Kole) and Dranafile Bojaxhiu, came from the town of Prizren in southern Kosovo. They embrace the Catholic, although most of the Albanians are Muslims and the majority of the population in Macedonia is Macedonia Orthodox religion.
Very little is known about the early life except from his own. He recalled that he felt the call to help the poor from the age of 12, and decided to train for missionary work in India. He is a member of the youth in her local parish called Sodality. At age 18, the Vatican granted Teresa permission to leave Skopje and join the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish community of nuns diRathfarnham with a mission in Calcutta.
She chose the Sisters of Loreto because of their vocation to provide education for girls. After several months of training at the Institute "Blessed Virgin Mary" in Dublin she was sent to Darjeeling in India as a novice sister. In 1931 he undertook the first vows there, choosing the name Sister Mary Teresa in honor of the Teresa of Avila and Thérèse de Lisieux. He took his vows last one in May 1937, a religious title Mother Teresa.
From 1930 to 1948 Mother Teresa taught geography and catechism at St. Petersburg High School. Mary in Calcutta, becoming its principal in 1944. He later said that the poverty all around left a deep impression in him. On September 1946, by her own account, he received a calling from God "to serve Him among the poorest of the poor".
In 1948 he received permission from Pope Pius XII, through the Archbishop of Calcutta, to leave the community and live as an independent nun. He got out of high school and, after a short course in "Medical Mission Sisters" in Patna, she returned to Calcutta and found temporary lodging with the "Little Sisters of the Poor" in the township Moti Jihl, Calcutta. She then started an open-air school for children homeless. Soon she was joined by voluntary helpers, and she received financial support from church organizations and the municipal authorities.
In the October 1950 Teresa received Vatican permission to start his order himself. The Vatican was originally named "Diocesan Congregation of the Calcutta Diocese," but later changed to Missionaries of Charity, whose mission is to give attention to (in his own words) "the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers , and all the people who feel unwanted, unloved, unnoticed in the community, people who have become a burden to society and rejected by anyone. "
With the help of Indian officials she turn an abandoned Hindu temple into Kalighat Home for the Dying, a 'small hospital' ("hospice") for the poor. Not long after she opened another hospice, Nirmal Hriday (Pure Heart), a home for lepers called Shanti Nagar (City of Peace), and an orphanage, and in the 1960s has opened up a lot of hospice, orphanages, and leper houses in many places in India.
In 1965 by giving the Decree of Praise, Pope Paul VI allowed Mother Teresa's request to expand her order to other countries. Order of Teresa began to grow rapidly, with new homes opening all over the world. Order it in the first house outside India was in Venezuela, and others followed in Rome and Tanzania, and later in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe, including Albania. In addition, the first Missionaries of Charity home in the United States was established in the South Bronx, New York.
Said Mother Teresa is remembered virtues:
"God does not require us to Success, He only requires us to Strive"

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